Ashleigh Elliott

“Responses of crops to changes in CO­2 and arbuscular mycorrhizal inoculum”
White Rose PhD (2016-2020), co-supervised by Prof. Duncan Cameron, U. Sheffield and Prof. P. Urwin, U. Leeds.

Research interests
I joined the Field lab as a PhD student in October 2016 as part of the White Rose PhD Network: Water, nutrients and pests – the key drivers to unlocking food security. My project focuses on understanding how plant- mycorrhizal fungi interactions change in response to elevated CO2 and whether commercially available mycorrhizal inocula could be used to enhance wheat yields.

My interests include researching ways to increase food production and the sustainability of agriculture. Particularly, whether mycorrhizal fungi could be used to reduce unsustainable fertiliser use by the utilisation of existing soil phosphorus pools in the soil.


2012-2016 MBiolSci Biology – 1st –  The University of Sheffield, Department of Animal and Plant Science. 


Thirkell TJ, Charters M, Elliott AE, Sait SM, Field KJ. (2017) Are mycorrhizal fungi our “sustainable saviours”? Considerations for achieving food security. Journal of Ecology 105: 921-929