Field Lab News

  • New Field Lab research paper

    Grace's newest paper on plant-Mucoromycotina Fine Root Endophytes has just been published in the latest issue of Plant Physiology " Mucoromycotina fine root endophyte fungi form nutritional mutualisms with vascular plants ", check it out here!

  • Friend or foe? new Leverhulme project funded

    Super happy that our research proposal to the Leverhulme Trust was funded! we'll be investigating the interactions between arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi and plant parasitic nematodes in the competition for plant resources. This is a collaborative project with Prof. Urwin (Leeds) and Dr Saoirse Tracy (UCD)

  • Best Student Talk prize - Congrats Mike!

    Field Lab PhD student Michael Charters was awarded the Harley Medal at ICOM 10 for his talk on the interactions between crops, aphids and atmospheric CO2

  • New Field Lab research paper

    " Functional complementarity of ancient plant-fungal mutualisms: contrasting nitrogen, phosphorus and carbon exchanges between Mucoromycotina and Glomeromycotina fungal symbionts of liverworts " is now available online at New Phytologist

  • New NERC grant

    We're very excited to be part of a new project funded by NERC - "How did the evolution of plants, microbial symbionts and terrestrial nutrient cycles change Earth's long-term climate?" We'll be working with our collaborators Ben Mills (School of Earth and Environment) and Sarah Batterman (School of Geography) to uncover the impact of diverse fungal and N-fixing symbionts on plants' ability to regulate long-term climate.

  • New Field Lab pre-print online

    Grace's latest exciting results on function of Mucoromycotina fungal symbionts in lycophytes has just been put up on bioRxiv - check it out here

  • New Field lab paper!

    Our newest paper is now online! "Ancient plants with ancient fungi: liverworts associate with early diverging arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi" has just been published in Proceedings of the Royal Society: B - read it here

  • New Field Lab methods paper

    Our newest methods paper is now available online at Plant and Soil, this features Field Lab PhD student Jumana Akhtar's cool new Soil Adhesion Assay, give it a read here then try it out!

  • New Field Lab review

    Our Tansley Review "Unity in Diversity: structural and functional insights into an ancient partnership between plants and fungi" is now available online, check it out here

  • New NERC Grant: LOCKED UP

    We're excited to be a co-investigator on a new grant awarded by NERC! Our role in "LOCKED UP: The role of biotic and abiotic interactions in the stabilisation and persistence of soil organic carbon" will be to use environmental metabolomics to uncover the metabolic pathways involved in microbial carbon cycling in the soil and we'll be working closely with colleagues in the School of Earth and Environment, Geography and CEH at Lancaster University on the wider project aims :-)

  • More than a mushroom....

    Katie will be discussing how fungi helped the Earth get green today at 17:15 in the Maurice Keyworth Lecture Theatre (Leeds Business School) as part of Grow Wild's More than a mushroom event. She will be joined by Kew's Lee Davies to discuss everything you wanted to know about fungi (but were afraid to ask)..... On Friday 5th October be sure to check out the giant neon fungus installation opposite the union as part of the university's Leeds Light Night activities from 19:00-22:00!

  • New lab members!!

    Massive welcome to new Field Lab members Khushboo, Matt and Josie! Khushboo is starting her PhD with us "Impact of plant-microbial symbioses on global biogeochemical cycling and climate through Earth's history" (co-supervised by Dr Ben Mills and Dr Sarah Batterman) while Matt and Josie will be doing their final year MBiol research projects on barley x CO2 x mycorrhizal interactions with us. We're so excited that you're here!

  • Women of Achievement 2018

    Katie has been awarded a University of Leeds Women of Achievement 2018 award. These awards recognise the significant contribution and impact that women – both staff and students – have made across the University and beyond.

  • Congratulations Tom!

    Congratulations to Tom Thirkell for winning the best poster prize for his work on wheat x CO2 x mycorrhizal interactions at the PEPG Field Techniques workshop in Lisbon, Portugal. The prize was sponsored by Plants, People, Planet - the new cross-disciplinary journal from The New Phytologist Trust.

  • Poster Prize!

    Big congratulations to Field Lab PhD student Mike Charters who was awarded the Plant Sciences Poster Prize in this years FBS Postgraduate Symposium for his poster on the interactions between mycorrhizas, aphids and CO2. Well done Mike!

  • Tansley review now online

    Katie's Tansley review is now available online in New Phytologist. Read "Unity in diversity: structural and functional insights into the ancient partnerships between plants and fungi" here: 

  • Welcome back Grace and Katie

    Grace and Katie have just got back from their field trip to the South Island of New Zealand. They were joined by collaborators Silvia Pressel and Jeff Duckett on an 8 day trip to look at fungal symbionts in a range of land plants across the island - lets hope the jet lag wears off soon!!

  • Leverhulme Prize Gala Dinner

    Katie was awarded a Philip Leverhulme Prize 2017 in Biology by the President of the Royal Society Sir Venkatraman Ramakirshnan at a swanky gala dinner at Drapers Hall in London, lots of fun was had by all!

  • Congratulations Mike!

    Mike Charters (NERC PhD student) has been awarded £2000 by the Climate Research Bursary Fund for his project "Climate change impacts on interactions between crops, insects, and arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi". Well done Mike!

  • New Field Lab paper

    Our experiments with leafy liverworts and Ascomycete fungi are now published in Annals of Botany! Check out "From rhizoids to roots? Experimental evidence of mutualism between liverworts and ascomycete fungi. " Kowal J, Pressel S, Duckett JG, Bidartondo MI, Field K (2018) From rhizoids to roots? Experimental evidence of mutualism between liverworts and ascomycete fungi. Annals of Botany doi: 10.1093/aob/mcx126

  • New Field Lab review paper

    Grace's review paper "A mycorrhizal revolution" in Current Opinions in Plant Biology is out.... now! nice one Grace! Hoysted GA, Kowal J, Jacob A, Rimington WR, Duckett JG, Pressel S, Orchard S, Ryan M, Field KJ, Bidartondo MI. (2018) A mycorrhizal revolution. Current Opinions in Plant Biology 44:1-6 doi: 1016/j.pbi.2017.12.004

  • Welcome Matt and Josie!

    MBiol students Matthew Campbell and Josephine Driver have joined our lab for their research - they will be investigating the potential uses of mycorrhizal fungi in sustainable agriculture systems. Welcome Matt and Josie!

  • New Field Lab paper

    We've published a new paper! "Nutrient acquisition by symbiotic fungi governs Paleozoic climate transitions." is part of a special issue of Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society: B celebrating the centenary of the first publications describing the fabulous fossils of the Rhynie Chert. Mills BJW, Batterman SA, Field KJ. (2017) Nutrient acquisition by symbiotic fungi governs Paleozoic climate transitions. Philosphical Transactions of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 373(1739)

  • Radio Four interview

    Katie was interviewed by John Humphreys on BBC Radio 4's Today programme in the early hours of this morning. Check it out on BBC iplayer...

  • New Field lab paper

    Our collorative work with the Knox lab has resulted in a shiny new paper in New Phytologist: "Xyloglucan is secreted by plants and promotes soil particle aggregation." Congratulations to all involved! And on to the next..... Galloway A, Pedersen M, Merry B, Marcus SE, Blacker J, Benning LG, Field KJ, Knox PJ. (2018) Xyloglucan is secreted by plants and promotes soil particle aggregation. New Phytologist 217(3): 1128-1136 doi: 10.1111/nph/14897  

  • Leverhulme Prize 2017

    Katie has been awarded a 2017 Philip Leverhulme Prize in Biology for her work on the evolution of diverse plant-fungal symbioses. She has been awarded £100,000 to further her research in this area.

  • PNAS Inner Workings article

    Katie was interviewed and Field lab research featured for a new article in PNAS this week - read it here:

  • Welcome Jumana

    Welcome to our newest lab member Jumana Akhtar! Jumana is co-supervised by Paul Knox and will be looking at the interactions between plant root secretions and the rhizosphere for her BBSRC-funded PhD.

  • Poster Prize

    Congratulations to Ashleigh Elliott whose poster was awarded the Václav Melzer Prize prize at the International Conference on Mycorrhizas in Prague - Well done Ashleigh!!

  • New Field Lab paper

    Congratulations to all involved in our latest review paper: "Are mycorrhizal fungi our “sustainable saviours”? Considerations for achieving food security." published in the Journal of Ecology. Thirkell TJ, Charters M, Elliott AE, Sait SM, Field KJ. (2017) Are mycorrhizal fungi our “sustainable saviours”? Considerations for achieving food security. Journal of Ecology 105: 921-929

  • Talk prizes

    Congratulations Tom and Grace who were awarded prizes for their talks at the PEPG early career symposium held in Snowdonia National Park, Wales. Very nicely done both of you!